Advanced Math 2013-2014
Chapter 15: Derivatives


For the test on Monday: Do you understand these four problems?  (among others, of course....but these four will determine if you understand these ideas:

1. the tangent line at a point is determined by the derivative of the function

2. to know an equation for the tangent line, find a point on the original function, and then find the slope from the derivative at the given point, then use the point-slope formula

3. know that the derivative gives the slope of the function at given points

4. #7 is a good one to see if you can think through the process backwards. You need to know that the maximum point of the original function is a zero of the derivative. You also need to know that the slope is positive on the original function when the derivative is >0 and it's negative when the derivative is <0. (see the possible graph drawn)  Check out those endpoints.

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